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Howell's School
Howell's School
Howell's School
Howell's School

English Literature PDF
Thursday, 28 February 2008

literature.jpgEnglish Literature is a fascinating field of study and available from GCSE to A Level. Results are always excellent and full marks at A Level does happen often.

 We visit the many theatres in the region to see the drama texts in production and there are a lot of performance venues available so we easily achieve a proper sight of the texts moving from page to stage. There is also a range of poetry to be looked at. In the Lower Sixth, for example, we study modern poetry and in the A2 we go back to a very articulate, nineteenth century woman, Christina Rossetti, sister of the Pre-Raphaelite artist, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. She had many ideas, which find approval from the modern woman. There is also the opportunity to choose literature for individual research and analysis and we look to the students to choose texts, in which they are personally interested. There is always the opportunity for individual or group tutorials and results for this coursework assignment are normally very high grades. In order to show your ability as an analyst of language and style we learn the appropriate terminology as the course progresses. We also encourage the use of a range of support resources: ICT, study guides, good dictionaries, attendance at Study Days and lectures by authors.  Past students have also achieved success in national and regional literary competitions. An ability in English Literature is much valued as it is one of the few subjects, which still requires students to acquire the skills of independent research, discussion and the writing of well constructed essays proposing a line of argument backed up by evidence. Universities and other sources of Higher Education welcome literate applicants and you will gain entry to a wide range of courses including law and medicine.
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